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What does Becker Travel Vietnam stand for?

Since 28 years for Becker Travel Co., Ltd. Vietnam has been bringing Indochina closer to our guests in perfect form.

We are restless to offer to our guest’s unforgettable travel experiences together with our business-partners and employees.

No matter whether the guest are part of an incentive, an exhibition, a participant in group-travel or traveling as an individual for business or pleasure.

By encouraging people to travel in Vietnam and its neighboring countries, we bring the Unknown closer, to present the seemingly familiar in a new light. We want to bridge gaps, to do away with prejudices and to create insight and appreciation for these cultures and the respective ways of life.


Our competent employees can be reached around the clock on 365 days of the year. They are conversant in all major languages of this world, like German, English, French, Japanese, Chinese or Russian.

People around the world appreciate our sense of order, our striving for perfection influenced by the German way of life, as well as our reliability and consistency.

Environmental protection and social commitment.

Becker Travel Co., Ltd. Vietnam are directly committed to the protection of nature and the environment. At the same time we are committed to direct social facilities in the area of orphans, waifs and strays, schools for the blind and deaf-mute children.

The following catchwords best describe our philosophy:

- Travel carefree

- experience and discover the extraordinary

- Experience the different, the foreign

- break fresh ground

- track down and capture adventure

- explore borders and limits

- address yourself to a possible problem

- The optimal success for your business at exhibitions, incentives and conferences


Our tours and travels are marked by the circumspect dealing and contacts with our hosts, their culture and environment, as practiced by our highly trained tour guides.

Welcome to Becker Travel Vietnam!

Sincerely yours,

Charlie Diethelm Becker

Managing Director

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