Viet Nam - Laos - Cambodia
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OPEN TOUR : Assi und Eddy visited Vietnam, September 2008

I just wanted to thank you in person and tell you how much I enjoyed the visit in Vietnam. What a beautiful country! The people were very, very friendly, even though they would have all the right on earth to be bitter towards Americans.

Halong Bay was absolutely gorgeous, The people are very clean, the food is excellent and the freshness of produce is not to be surpassed. None of us had any problems with eating wherever we were, whether it was on the streets or in restaurants. The other nice part was that you still feel safe in that part of the world. No worries about your purse or your camera, very refreshing to see that respect and honesty still exist. Hue and all the historic sites we have seen were fascinating, the days we spent were very interesting and the cooking class was a lot of fun. Hoi An would definitely please every tourist's eye since it it so rich in architecture and shows you clearly all the different influences. To see how poor the farmers are, how strenuous their work is and how friendly they are at the same time was certainly an eye opener. It's a great country to experience.

The golf courses are in great shape and give the golfers the challenges and beauty they are looking for. The adventurer finds plenty of challenging things to do and the curious will be surprised how diverse Vietnam is. I would like to go back to Vietnam in May to see more of the mountains, go trekking and climbing, meet the mountain people and see parts of the country via bicycle; and then end up at a nice beach resort to enjoy the luxuries and pampering they are offering.


Greatings from USA.

Assi & Eddy.

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